I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at UC San Diego since October 2013. I work on FPGA High-Level Synthesis and computer vision with professor Ryan Kastner.

I got a Master's degree in computer science in France and I moved to the United States in December 2010 to work in a medical physics research lab in UCSD under the supervision of prof. Steve Jiang. Over there, I worked on a platform for GPU-based algorithms to solve radiotherapy calculation problems.

I am interested in software with hardware acceleration, particularly GPU and FPGA, high-level synthesis for FPGA, with a focus on computer vision algorithms. I am also interested in applying my research to other fields, including medical applications.

I have a personal website to share some of my pictures and other things.

You can view my resume here.

Current Project

I am currently working on accelerating a computer vision project on FPGA. Our work is based on the KinectFusion project by Microsoft Research, or more precisely Kinfu, the open-source version of KinectFusion from the PCL library. We are using the Altera OpenCL SDK for FPGA to run Kinfu on an FPGA instead of a GPU. We presented our work on a poster at the ICFPT 2014 conference in Shanghai.

This video presents the project and was created as part of a classwork requirement.

Recent classes

  • Algorithms
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Languages
  • Embedded Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Parallel Computing
  • Teaching Methods in Computer Science